Frequently Asked Questions

A La Heart Catering uses local grown and fresh products for your event.Q: Can you give me a "ballpark" figure for the cost of catering my wedding?
A: As a rule, caterers of our caliber and reputation will usually charge somewhere between $60 and $100 per guest inclusive of food, staff, rentals, administration fee, tax and gratuity. Your menu, your rentals and your site are key in determining your costs.

Q: What kind of food do you do?
A: Just about any kind. You can click on any of our “menus” for suggestions. We are happy to speak with you personally about your needs.

Q: Can you handle renting tables, chairs, tableware, linens, etc?
A: We work with you and our favorite rental companies to make sure you have all you need for the perfect event.

Q: Can we come in and taste your food?
A: We offer a sampling of some of our award-winning appetizers, free of charge. Once hired, we offer a tasting of your menu choices.

Q: What is the difference in price between buffet-style, sit-down and family style meals?
A: Buffet-style is the least expensive. Add two dollars per person for sit-down service (more staff needed) and four dollars per person for family style service (more staff, more food and larger tables needed).

Q: What does the administration fee cover?
A: An industry standard, the administration fee helps to cover our operating costs and overhead. We have office space in addition to our fully-licensed and permitted kitchen for which we must pay rent and utilities, city fees, purchase insurance, buy office supplies, and keep our computers and kitchen equipment up and running. Additionally, we spend many hours consulting with our clients, making site visits, changing rental orders and conducting tastings. The administration fee off-sets these expenses.